Lost Voices of Trafficked Kids: A Concert

My life changed in the span of an hour.  It was the first time I witnessed youth in a Lost Voices program sing their songs and tell their stories.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  They sang of anger, hurt, sadness, and abuse, and they had the courage, many times while fighting back tears, to sing and to share their stories.

On Saturday, June 17, Lost Voices is hosting a special concert at the PARC in downtown Plymouth.  We are calling this show “Lost Voices of Trafficked Kids: A Concert.”

Our story:
A decade ago, our Executive Director, Mike Ball, starting working with severely at-risk youth in an attempt to help them heal and find hope through the power of music.  At the time, many of these kids were incarcerated or in residential facilities.

For the past two years, we have been working with young women at the Vista Maria foster care facility in Dearborn Hts.  Sadly, some of these young women are victims of the atrocity that is human trafficking.

This special concert will feature our “folk magicians” Jen Cass, Kitty Donohoe, and Mike Ball.  They will perform their own material as well as songs written by youth who have participated in our programs.  An added bonus is that, among the performers, will be some of the young women from Vista Maria who will share their stories through song.

Prepare to be moved.  Prepare to have your life changed.  Prepare to experience the magic.  Through the Lost Voices program, these young women have found the courage to share their stories, as heart-wrenching as they may be.

As a career elementary school teacher, Lost Voices is very personal to me.  My students become “my kids,” not just for the year they are with me but forever.  As much as I wish I could, I cannot always be there for them, and if one ever ran afoul of the law or found themselves in a situation without home or family, I would want an organization like Lost Voices to be there for them.  Lost Voices provides an opportunity for them to process, and, therefore, deal with the root or their anger, sadness, depression, etc.  They begin to heal.

The Lost Voices tag line is “Saving lives one song at a time.”  We believe we are doing that.  Please join us for this special concert.  Together, we will work to bring these kids back from the edge.

Here are the concert details:

Saturday, June 17, 2017
8-10 PM
The PARC, 650 Church Street, Plymouth, MI 48170

Featuring: Jen Cass, Kitty Donohoe, Mike Ball, and the kids

$15 suggested donation

You can Purchase Tickets Here.

There will also be a Silent Auction and other surprises. We promise you a great evening!

Bobby Pennock
President, Lost Voices Board