This is a sample of some of the program feedback from the Lost Voices roots music workshops at the WJ Maxey Boys Training School in Whitmore Lake, MI.

Facility And Staff Comments
In answer to the question, “What positive changes did you notice in their behavior and attitude?”

“Students are engaging in positive dialogue about ideas and sharing them with peers, not just other workshop members.  They have more confidence to try new genres and take risks with writing.”

~Jamie Jackovich, Language Arts teacher

“…we have put together music that is real and raw.  Its message is one that needs to be heard and is validating those who wrote it…  I have watched these young men, who don’t always get along or even know each other, come together to work on a piece of music that is powerful, moving and challenging.”

~Cheryl Scott, Music Therapist

“Investment!  Knowing that they’re involved in something that matters and are able to work with others.  They’ve broadened their horizons…which broadens their world view.  It was an invaluable experience for the youth as well as myself.”

~ Staff Member, Maxey Boys Training School

Participant Comments

“They made me believe I should always express myself …”        ~Sam

“It is good to have some male role models…and when you guys come here, it shows us what we could do if we stay on the right track.”                        ~James

“I like the way you guys communicate with us and give us the opportunity to voice our opinions when needed.”                                        ~Ray

“I learned about roots music…how to give and accept input and opinions.  I enjoyed myself and hope you can come back again.”                            ~Justin

“You taught me the importance of working in a group.  I received something from every song you introduced…”                                        ~DaJuan

“Later on in my life, I will tell my kids about you two…”        ~MauricioFeed