Welcome to Lost Voices.

We are a group of folk and blues musicians who help at-risk boys and girls find healing by inviting them to reach into their deepest feelings and ideas, then express them in music. This short video produced for NPR gives a good peek at what we do:

 We’ve been at it for more than ten years, and you can help us continue to take our work to young people who need us.

Not too long ago we had a concert at PARC in Plymouth that included some special young women from Vista Maria. They shared their song, “Destination,” with all of us with the help of Jen Cass, Eric Janetsky, Kitty Donohoe, and Lost Voices founder Mike Ball.

Who We Are

Our Mission:
We help at-risk kids find hope and healing through the power of music.

Our Vision:
A world where all kids feel valued, recognize their self-worth, and grow up confident, caring and connected.

Our Values:

  • We believe all kids deserve the opportunity to change their behaviors and lives.
  • We value musicians as professionals who can transform young lives.
  • We promote hope, diversity, creativity, nurturing, and healing.

About Us

LostVoices is an organization founded to bring life-changing creative programs to incarcerated and at-risk young people. We help these kids take a look into their hearts and write original roots music, then share their feelings by performing in front of their peers in a professional concert situation. Every group we’ve worked with has experienced tremendous personal growth and healing, not just among the direct program participants, but also among the other at-risk kids who see their peers exploring some of their most difficult thoughts and feelings on stage.

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Michigan Anti Human Trafficking Groups Sing Out Against Modern Day Slavery January 21 at Eastern Michigan University Student Center

Ypsilanti, MI – In recognition of Human Trafficking Awareness Month, the EMU Student Group Unmasked is partnering with MAP (Michigan Abolitionist Project-Ann Arbor), SOAP Washtenaw (Save Our Adolescents from Prostitution), and Lost Voices to bring you an afternoon of music and information about this endemic problem and how we can fight back against it. When:  January …

Lost Voices of Trafficked Kids: A Concert

My life changed in the span of an hour.  It was the first time I witnessed youth in a Lost Voices program sing their songs and tell their stories.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.  They sang of anger, hurt, sadness, and abuse, and they had the courage, many times while fighting back …

Lost Voices at Vista Maria

We don’t know their stories, but each girl has one. They are tall and short, thin and not-so-thin, brash and reserved. Some of them show a sadness in their eyes deeper than you want to imagine, and others wear a mask that most of the world will never penetrate. And they are children.